We design and build computer software. Does your business need a mobile app, a web-based online service, or traditional desktop application? Would you like to link all 3 with your website? We have the tools and knowledge to help you. Our speciality is creating complete integrated systems, seamlessly incorporating mobile, web and administrative elements.


Is your business spending valuable staff hours migrating and managing data manually? We tailor-make software integration systems for your business that will save ongoing staffing costs. Through eliminating duplication of effort, and streamlining repetitive workflows, we have the tools to get your business working more efficiently.

Specialist Solutions

Selecting the right off-the-shelf software can be a difficult task. Our expert team has in-depth knowledge of the technologies which underpin most modern systems. If custom-built software is not cost effective for you, we can help you choose and adapt off-the-shelf products to meet the specific needs of your business. We love nothing more than putting our minds to solving your tricky problems!